What is Qwix Mix?

Our system allows you to make bulk washer fluid for as low as $.08 cents per gallon.

Windshield washer fluid is 70% or more water. Stop paying to ship water!

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as low as $.08 cents per gallon.

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Future Products

Check out our vending machine and other future products coming soon!

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How it Works

Want to know how our Qwix Mix system works? Click the link below to learn more.

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What People Say About Qwix Mix

"The equipment is easy to operate, trouble free. Saves time not messing with product. Why would you not purchase this equipment, great savings very cost effective."


“We have no problems, saves time not hand pumping product. No more wasted cardboard or plastic. The equipment looks very professional.”

Dennis & Mike, Owner TIRES PROS

What are the Benefits of Qwix Mix?

Make what you need and stop paying to ship water.

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