5 ways to save money for your fleet!

Owning a business that has a fleet of vehicles creates a lot of opportunity for income...and expenses. Knowing when and how to cut those costs can help you increase your fleets bottom line. Here are a few strategies to help you do just that:
  1. Stop Unnecessary Driving
    Research shows that as many as 84% of fleet drivers are using their fleet vehicles to drive to unauthorized locations, such as their homes, or fast-food restaurants or stores. While this doesn’t look like a major concern at first, consider adding up all those extra miles and you’ll see the expenses add up just as quickly. Every mile adds to the wear and tear of your fleet.


  2. Ensure the optimal routes are being used
    The shortest distance is the most efficient, and when it comes to miles traveled, it’s also the least expensive. Giving thought to optimizing routes can contribute to monthly vehicle costs from fuel and maintenance costs.


  3. Reduce Wear and Tear on Vehicles
    Maintenance costs add up quickly when vehicles are not treated with care. Drivers making hard stops, sudden starts, and otherwise aggressive driving maneuvers en route have a detrimental impact on the health of your vehicles. This means more time in the repair shop and higher maintenance and repair costs to keep the vehicles running smoothly. A little education and oversight here will go a long way.


  4. Use the right windshield washer fluid (Qwix Mix)
    More windshield time means using more windshield washer fluid. On average more than 50% of the money that you pay for your windshield washer fluid is simply water. Qwix Mix has options for you to pay as little as $0.08/gallon for a quality product! We save companies that do a lot of driving hundreds/thousands of dollars a month. 


  5. Reduce Your Insurance Costs
    Having a close relationship with your insurance agent makes a world of difference. When you know the person and have regular check-ups on your policy you will often find opportunities for savings. 

Staying on top of your fleet's expenses can seem like a daunting task at times. Taking small steps to reign in your costs makes the process easier. Feel free to browse our website for other ways to save money!