Windshield Washer Fluid for Truck Fleets: Ensuring Quality and Affordability

If you own or operate a truck fleet, you know that one of the most crucial ways to keep your business healthy is through effective fleet management. 

But while many consider fleet management to be technology-oriented, choosing the right fluids and maintenance options can minimize risks and maximize value.

Qwix Mix is the ideal solution to help your truckers save money while still operating at maximum efficiency. Save money, blend your customized bulk washer fluid, and enhance your business with our industry-leading “On Tap” service model. 

Qwix Mix for Truck Fleets

Keeping your trucks well-maintained and frequently serviced will optimize your business’ productivity and ability to serve clients.

When you’re on a timed load, or just traveling through changing temperatures, you do not want to be sidelined with frozen fluid or low visibility. So choosing the right windshield wiper fluid is incredibly important.Yet this can be expensive, especially when buying products on the road. 

Windshield wiper fluid at truck stops or gas stations can cost from $3 to over $5 per gallon. Over time, this can add up and amount to extra costs for your vehicles.

How We Can Help

Windshield washer fluid should be a value add, not a value loss. So instead of spending extra money to ship water or buy overpriced fluid, try our Qwix Mix proportioners. Space-efficient and designed to hang on the wall of your shop, the proportioners automatically mix windshield washer fluid concentrate, tap water, and methanol to create fluid “on tap.”

Our fluid is biodegradable, helping your business maintain environmentally friendly standards. But as an added bonus, our Qwix Mix proportioners can help you save money by heavily reducing your cost-per-gallon spend. 

As Qwix Mix bulk fluid can be customized with the amount of methanol, which can be input in our Savings Calculator as monthly freeze protection, you can create fluid for both summer and winter as needed. 

Our summer bulk fluid will cost less and be more effective in cleaning your windshield of detritus like dirt, dust, and insects. At just $.08 a gallon, you will not find a better deal anywhere. 

View a one, five, and ten-year cost comparison of your current prices, versus Qwix Mix prices, with our free Savings Calculator. Numbers don’t lie - after you input your current cost per gallon and the number of gallons purchased per month, you will see how much revenue you can save.


Adaptability for Fleets


As stated, Qwix Mix is ideal for the shop environment, as it hangs discreetly on the walls in 40- or 80-gallon reservoirs. Our proportioners can adapt to any system by filling existing bulk tanks, pump to overhead reels, or dispense product on demand with a 25’ coil hose. Making it easily adaptable and quick to set up.

Going “On Tap” also means that you will not have to pay for products you don’t need. By making your own fluid you can eliminate using methanol in the summer giving you the opportunity to save hundreds or even thousands per year on washer fluid. 

However, Qwix Mix can also be beneficial for truckers on the road, particularly in southern climates. Our QWC-8 formula comes in space-saving bottles; an 8 oz bottle of fluid, which can be stored in the truck, can make 32 gallons of windshield washer fluid. Just add water to ¼ oz of concentrate to create 1 gallon of washer fluid.




Qwix Mix is the perfect solution for truck fleets and truckers on the go who are looking for quick, easy, and affordable bulk windshield washer fluid. We offer all of the products you need to set up your system, or simply to stock your fleet. 

Control your costs and provide your truckers with high-quality fluid that will increase productivity and safety on the road. If you’re interested in optimizing your system, contact Qwix Mix today to see how we can help.