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 Replacement Parts and Accessories for Qwix Mix Products

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    • Constructed of 95A polyurethane resin, lightweight and resists kinking.
    • High quality brass fittings provide strong & durable connection.
    • Swivel fittings feature factory applied thread sealant.
    • Strain relief fittings are completely field repairable.

    • Easy operation and smooth flow with lever control.
    • Heavy duty, ruggedly built with stainless steel springs.
    • Nitrile rubber.
    • Zinc alloy body.
    • Spout length: 4 inch.
    • Thread: female 1/4 inch NPT.
  • The Qwix Connect is used with 55 gallon drums of methanol so no fumes escape. Our solutions minimize the potential for dangerous exposure while protecting your fluids from contamination.

     Watch the video to learn more!


  • Hydrometer for measuring the freeze protection in windshield washer fluid.

    • A hydrometer is a tool that measures the methanol level in your windshield washer fluid which will tell you the freezing temperature of the finished product.
  • Maintenance kit to service your Water-Driven Proportioner.


  • Pump has special o-rings and parts specifically for use with methanol.

    1.6 GPM


  • Maintenance kit to service your Air-Driven Proportioner.


    • This accessory shuts down the water-driven proportioners when you run out of methanol to ensure the proper mixture every time.


    • This accessory can be installed to direct bulk windshield washer fluid to your lube area for dispensing.
    • This pump is available as a replacement part in the QW-2-40 unit.
    • This accessory shuts the air-driven proportioners down when you run out of methanol to ensure the proper mixture every time.
    • Attaches to the methanol barrel and is operated by an airline connected to the proportioner and the shut-off system.

  • Wrench for opening and closing a 55 gallon drum.

  • Inline water shut off/fill valve for a tank.

    • This float accessory is a replacement part for proportioners.
    • This float can also be installed to an existing bulk windshield washer fluid tank, allowing you to automatically fill your tank when low.

  • This check valve is a replacement part for your proportioner.

    1/4" PVC Check Valve Barbed x NPT

  • This is a 115V replacement pump for Qwix Mix DEF Dispensers.

    3.5 GPM.