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Stop Losing Money on Washer Fluid

CAR RENTALWasher fluid is a constant and necessary expense for your company, but you can cut this expense by more that 50% by having bulk washer fluid on tap. You can save hundreds to thousands of dollars each month by making your own windshield washer fluid for your rental vehicles and not paying for water to be shipped to you. One gallon of Qwix Mix concentrate will make 500 gallons of bulk windshield washer fluid. 

By having a Qwix Mix bulk washer fluid proportioner on site, you can produce washer fluid as low as $0.08 per gallon. Our proportioners mix inexpensive washer fluid concentrate with your tap water as it dispenses into the vehicle. Simply pay for 5 gallons of concentrate to be shipped to you rather than 45 drums of washer fluid, which are 70% water!

See our Savings Calculator to compare $.08 cents per gallon to your current price.

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