How it Works

We have the windshield washer fluid solution for everyone!  Here's how it works.

No matter the size of your company we can save you money on your washer fluid. Contact us to discuss your company's operations and we'll suggest the best equipment for you.

Fill out the Savings Calculator to see how much money you will save. You get to start saving money right away and everything you need is always available right here on our website.


Are you a bulk user?  Check out our Proportioners!


Qwix Mix proportioners automatically mix tap water, methanol and concentrate to make windshield washer fluid for as low as $.08 cents per gallon. Our units automatically fill themselves when empty and shut-off when full. You’ll never pay to ship water again!

Once installed at your location you will enjoy the stress free process of washer fluid "On Tap". We have everything you need to easily make your own bulk windshield washer fluid. All of our products including methanol are available on our website and ready to ship.

  • As Low As $.08 Cents Per Gallon
  • Makes Washer Fluid 4 GPM
  • 40 gallon, 80 Gallon or On-Demand Units Available

Check out the Savings Calculator and let us show you how much money we can save you.



Low volume but still want a great price?  Check out the squeeze bottles and enjoy $.08 cents per gallon!


For low volume bulk users we have a new product line of Qwix Mix Super Concentrate Squeeze Bottles. 1 oz concentrate makes 55 gallons windshield washer fluid. For a wintertime mixture just follow the chart and add methanol for your desired freeze protection. 

  • $.08 Cents Per Gallon
  • 1 oz. Makes 55 gallons of Windshield Washer Fluid
  • 1 Bottle Makes 1,760 Gallons of Windshield Washer Fluid

Check out the Savings Calculator to find out how much you can save.



Need a dispenser?  We've got those too!


Qwix Mix dispensers are made specifically for windshield washer fluid and are able to hold up against methanol unlike regular pumps. We have lid dispensers that fit over a 55 gallon drum, indoor and outdoor wall mounted dispensers. Each unit pumps 1.6 GPM and comes with a a 25' coil hose.

  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • 25' Coil Hose
  • 1.6 GPM 



Don't Forget Methanol! For Making Wintertime Washer Fluid, We Can Deliver!

Nationwide Bulk, Tote and 55 Gallon Drum Methanol Delivery in the United States and Canada

Please call us at 605-270-0237 for pricing or Request a Wholesale Account and we will be in touch.