QWP-1 Water-Driven Proportioner

QWP-1 Water-Driven Proportioner

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Stop Paying To Ship Water!

This simple and easy to use proportioner automatically makes windshield washer fluid from tap water.

  • As Low As $.08 Cents Per Gallon  Simply connect to tap water, Qwix Mix Concentrate and methanol if you need freeze protection.
  • Automatically makes washer fluid from +32F to -25F  Just set the unit to your desired freeze protection and enjoy consistent mixtures every time. 
  • Great for shops with minimal space  Hang it on the wall and you only need floor space for a 55 gallon drum and 5 gallon pail.
  • No electricity needed  Water driven unit for making washer fluid then fill bulk tank or drums.
  • Makes 2.5 Gallons Per Minute  Always have product on demand for fast and easy fill-ups.
  • Unit Dimensions 14" T x 13" W x 6" D

    It's recommended to Contact Us before purchasing a proportioner to ensure you're getting the right product for your specific needs.