A Better Solution for Windshield Washer Fluid

Choosing the right bulk washer fluid can help your business minimize costs while maximizing safety. But how can you ensure that you are getting high-quality fluid? 


The solution? Qwix Mix. Our innovative “On Tap” service model saves you money by eliminating the need to ship water and allowing you to create your own blend of windshield washer fluid. 


Qwix Mix Benefits




Are you overpaying for your current windshield washer fluid? The answer is probably yes. Washer fluid is 70% - 90% water and you’re paying to ship that everytime you purchase premixed fluid.


Make what you need, not what they sell you.


Qwix Mix offers an environmentally friendly and biodegradable fluid customized for your personal needs. Our proportioners allow you to make washer fluid from +32℉ to -25℉, making it a great choice for summer and winter washer. You can reduce or eliminate the amount of methanol in your windshield washer fluid for a summertime blend as low as $.08 per gallon.


Our Qwix Mix proportioners automatically mix tap water, methanol, and concentrate to create windshield washer fluid “on tap,” making it an easy and effective way to save money. 


Savings Calculator


We offer something unmatched by the rest of the industry: a state-of-the-art Savings Calculator where you can compare costs for FREE. All you have to do is enter two pieces of information:


  1. Number of gallons of windshield washer fluid purchased per month
  2. Your current cost per gallon


Our Savings Calculator will then show you a one, five, and ten-year cost comparison of your current price versus what you will pay with Qwix Mix. By changing the monthly freeze protection you can maximize your savings. See how much you can save, and use your money to support other areas of your business!


Saves Space


Gone are the days of storing premixed washer fluid in bulk tanks or purchasing pallets of boxes of fluid jugs. Our units can hang on the wall, saving space and making what you need when you need it.




You can add Qwix Mix to any existing system. Our units can store windshield washer fluid, fill existing bulk tanks, pump to overhead reels, or dispense on demand with a 25’ coil hose. 


If there is no existing system, Qwix Mix has everything you need to set up your new windshield washer fluid dispensing system. Our units will automatically make and store the product in self-contained 40- or 80-gallon reservoirs, offering the confidence to know that you’ll have product on hand. 




Ultimately, the health of your customers vehicle is dependent on a variety of parts working together - so don’t forget the importance of windshield washer fluid. It will ensure that your drivers remain safely on the road.


The Qwix Mix staff is passionate about what we do. We offer unmatched customer service and are excited to discuss your needs. Contact Qwix Mix today to talk about how we can save you money.