About Qwix Mix

Qwix Mix On Tap was established in 2001 by Harlan Anderson in Madison SD. He started out the business with the knowledge that windshield washer fluid has always been manufactured and distributed the same way from the beginning with no way to truly calculate the amount of unnecessary environmental waste. Whether it's from the plastic jugs that fill our oceans and landfills or the millions of gallons of water shipped each year in bulk washer fluid trucks which is 70% or more water. Only one thing was certain, we needed a change and it's "On Tap"

The Solution was simple; don't pay to ship water. We have products for large bulk users who go through thousands of gallons per month, people who use only a couple gallons per year and race car drivers who just need methanol delivered. No matter what your needs are we have the solution.

Simple, easy-to-use and for as low as $.08 cents per gallon our proportioners automatically mix tap water, methanol and our inexpensive concentrate to make windshield washer fluid "On Tap". This eliminates paying to ship water in bulk trucks and saves you money. Now you have the ability to make any temperature washer fluid from +32F down to -25F. By having the option of adding less anti-freeze in the summer months you control the price; make what you need, not what they sell you. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is Safety, Reducing Environmental Waste and Saving Money.

In the past, drivers have used plastic jugs to distribute windshield washer fluid and often using just part of the jug and then throwing it away or saving the jug to roll around in their vehicles for awhile. But recently the windshield washer fluid industry has taken an innovative and environmentally friendly approach and Qwix Mix is leading the way.

Qwix Mix on Tap is a simple and easy to use vending and proportioning system that makes and dispenses windshield washer fluid, eliminating plastic jugs and saving 50% or more on washer fluid. These units are located at gas stations, car washes, parking ramps or really anywhere there are cars. They save shipping millions of plastic gallon jugs per year (which are 70% or more water) and keeps them out of our overflowing oceans and landfills.

Drivers no longer need a plastic jug to fill their washer fluid reservoir just fill up your vehicle with windshield washer fluid "On Tap" while getting gas or washing your car. 

The future of windshield washer fluid is "On Tap".