Collection: Qwix Mix Bulk Windshield Washer Fluid Proportioners

Qwix Mix windshield washer fluid proportioners mix tap water, methanol and concentrate to make windshield washer fluid for as low as $.08 cents per gallon. Our units automatically fill themselves when empty and shut-off when full. You’ll never pay to ship water again. 

Once installed at your location you will enjoy the stress free process of making your own windshield washer fluid from +32F to -25F. All of our products including methanol are always available on our website. 

5 products
  • QWP-2-40 Air-Driven Proportioner with 40 Gallon Reservoir
  • QWP-2 Washer Fluid Proportioner
  • QWP-1-80 Water-Driven Proportioner with 80 gallon reservoir
  • QWP-1-40 Water-Driven Proportioner with 40 Gallon Reservoir
  • QWP-1 Water-Driven Proportioner